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What Are You Waiting For?

September 19, 2010
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A Short Story From The Year 2022

In 2010, I was only 4 years old. My Daddy was always into wild and crazy ideas and would do anything to protect his family, especially me.

I remember Mom and Dad discussing what they would do in case of a natural disaster. Mom thought he was being too pessimistic in thinking that the supply lines of civilization would ever collapse. But Daddy won that argument and started preparing for such an event. He stockpiled some water and ordered food packets that would last for 15 years. This convinced Mom that Dad was a little off his rocker, but I knew that he did it because he loved us.

The years went by and we forgot all about the emergency stash. I grew up and entered high school and I was beginning to think about college. I had lots of friends and enjoyed participating in sports and was getting interested in boys as well.

Then the unimaginable happened. At 4:32 am on a Friday morning in September of my senior year, we were hit with a massive 7.2 earthquake. I heard Mom & Dad shouting my name to make sure I was okay. We were all okay, but the house was a mess. Most of the radio stations were off the air, power lines were down everywhere, cell phones weren’t even working. We could hear sirens in the distance but in the immediate area, it was ominously silent.

Dad, always thinking ahead, decided we should go to the closest grocery store and stock up on food. But we soon discovered that we could not drive out of our local neighborhood because of broken paving and downed power lines.

We returned home to consider our options. Listening to a battery-powered radio, we discovered just how bad things were. The authorities were telling everyone to stay off the streets.

After gathering up all the food that had fallen to the ground from the cupboards, we realized that we didn’t have enough food to last very long.

Then I remembered, “Daddy,” I said, “whatever happened to that emergency food you bought when I was a little kid? I remember you saying it was supposed to last 15 years, do you think it might still be good?”

Dad looked at me and looked at Mom and looked at me again, and we all started smiling. Dad said yes it should be and it is in the garage. I think I bought enough to last us a month and a half.

Mom and I agreed that Dad was our hero.

Want To Be A Hero?

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