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Training That Makes Sense

April 25, 2011
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If you’ve been around the block a few times in network marketing, you’ve probably realized that most training in network marketing consists of personal anecdotes, “run the numbers,” success stories of how others did it, hoopla, rah-rah and motivation; but darn little real training.

Have you ever wondered how to ask someone to look at your business, or even whether you should invite them to look at your business, or how to start a conversation?

Have you ever decided that there must be something wrong with you because you see others having success, but you’re not? Have you ever wanted to scream in frustration because no matter how many trainings, calls, meetings you attend it just isn’t happening for you?

Tim Sales has a course that he has written that answers all of these questions and much, much more. This is the first training that I can honestly say: “YOU NEED THIS.” Unless you’re already making more money than you can ever possibly spend, this can improve your game. Check it out at Professional Inviter.

Here’s Tim in an excerpt from the introduction:

Inviting Basics – Introduction

“Hello, Network Marketing Professional. My name is Tim Sales. My purpose and intention with this training pack is to teach you the skills or increase your skills at inviting people to look at your network marketing business.

“Inviting is the ability to ask someone to do something. You invite someone to go to dinner, you invite someone to play golf, and you invite someone to look at some information. This training package specifically addresses you inviting someone to look at your network marketing business.

“There is nothing more important in network marketing than inviting. See, if you can invite well, you can put your prospect in front of good presenters and good presentation tools (like videos, audios, websites – things like that). But if you can’t invite well, you’ll have a tough time in network marketing. So the information in this training pack is critical to your success.”

Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Since starting this course, I am having more fun than I thought possible in network marketing. I’ve always read and heard that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. Well, I was doing it wrong. Tim shows you how to do it right!

Go to this link: Professional Inviter. Really, you need this.


“Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.”  – Mohandas Gandhi


Motivated By The Future

January 30, 2011
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I read an article last week which said that someone who wants to be at cause is motivated by the future.

The more I thought about this, the truer I decided it was – at least it was true for me. It was almost one of those epiphany moments – hell, it was an epiphany, it explained to me why we’re always being asked to figure out our why for doing the business.

Almost every network marketing book you’ll ever read tells you to find your why. I just started reading a book about the habits of successful sales people, and one of the first things he talked about was knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing. Every training or fast start meeting I’ve ever been to has talked about finding your why. Every network marketing company training manual I’ve ever read has talked about finding your why for doing the business.

Do you sense a pattern here? Why are we always being asked to do this? I always kind of had it chalked up as a motivational trick – a way to keep us moving. It is, but it is so much more than that…

We are motivated by the future. We don’t work hard now to get what we already have – or if we do, we’re in a serious rut, and need to change something sooner rather than later. We work hard now to fix in the future whatever it is we don’t like about now.

After years of attending network marketing meetings and trainings, I’ve heard a lot of different whys for doing a network marketing business.

  • put my kids through college
  • bring my husband/wife home from the job he/she hates
  • be able to be full-time parents
  • to travel
  • to get out of debt
  • to make something of themselves
  • to be someone that people look up to
  • to have the house of my dreams
  • to have the car I’ve always wanted
  • to be able to take care of my parents
  • time freedom
  • to be able to go where they want when they want
  • to live where they want
  • to work with the people they choose to work with

Do you see how these are all future things? They are all things that these people want in the future for which they were willing to work hard and sacrifice for today.

Now I get it. This explains the reason for all this attention to figuring out our why which I used to think was slightly, ummm, silly…

We are motivated by the future – what do you want in your future? The first step to putting it there is knowing what it is. The second step is knowing that you want it there, and knowing that you want it there so badly that you’ll work your butt off to put it there. So badly that failure is not an option.

We are motivated by the future.

Take Charge of Your Future

If you’re a newcomer to network  marketing and want to learn more of the reasons that network marketing is such a powerful method to help you achieve your why, check out Brilliant Compensation (it’s free).

To learn how to increase the odds of achieving your why by picking the right company, go to and sign up for the “7 Days, 7 Insider Secrets” email newsletter. (This is free too!)

The Key Challenge

August 23, 2010
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When We First Met

When you sign up to start your new business, you are probably very excited. You’ve got this jazzy new product with which you’re going to take the world by storm. You’re going to make a ton of money, because everyone is going to want this. You start making your list of who you want to show your new business to, you can’t wait to go out and show somebody what you’re all excited about.

The Morning After

So now you’ve made a few presentations and you feel comfortable with giving it and things are really cooking for you and everyone is signing up. Well, okay, some people are signing up. Or maybe… my friend took pity on me and signed up with me after I told him I’d done sixteen presentations and no one had signed up yet. Or worse yet, sixteen presentations and nobody signed up. Could you keep going at that point?

Thomas Edison, according to legend, figured out hundreds of ways to make a light bulb that didn’t work. Ever the optimist, he said he hadn’t failed, he had just eliminated 899 wrong ways of building a light bulb. He carried on and eventually found a way that worked, providing a good source of light and a decent lifespan for the bulb. Where would you have said enough is enough?

Another is an individual who went to work as a salesman for a company, he made presentations every day, but no sales. After a month of no sales, the owner wanted to fire him so he could find a line of work he was more suited to, but he begged the owner to let him continue. To make a long story short, on his 106th presentation, he made a sale. After that he started making occasional sales, then more sales; after two years he was the best salesman for the company. How long would you have kept going with no sales?

The Key Challenge

The key challenge is remaining consistent in the face of failures, disappointments, and let-downs. Do you want it bad enough to follow through and continue doing the promotional and lead-generating activities that will eventually create the income you dream about.

If you believe in the product and the company, have a big why for doing the business, focus on the main thing and can be consistent about it, you will be a winner.

To find a company and a product you can believe in, go to

If you already found a company to work with, find a mentor or an upline who can train you, get trained and be consistent in applying what they teach you.

If you’re already trained, be consistent in applying what you learned. Be consistent in learning more: about the industry, about leadership, about training others, about every facet of this wonderful industry.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.   — Aristotle

Success is all about consistency around the fundamentals.  – Robin Sharma

The secret of success is consistency of purpose.  – Benjamin Disraeli

Network Marketing And A Mystery

August 16, 2010
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Business Briefing

I listened to a very interesting business briefing over the weekend. Now, before you roll your eyes and go, oh no, not another business briefing, let me explain what I found so interesting about it.

This briefing had all the usual components, what the product is, what the company is and when they started. You can see the five things that every business briefing or opportunity meeting covers on an earlier blog post of mine called Five Things To Evaluate. This briefing had them all.

What was different about it was the fact that this briefing started with the statement that the upline giving the presentation had done some research into why so many people fail at home businesses. This stuck out like a sore thumb for me, this was something I had never heard in a business briefing. In an industry where statistics say that anywhere from 85% on up of all new recruits quit or fail, if someone said they had found a reason for all that quitting or failure, I wanted to know what it was.

I’ve Seen This Before

Now the funny thing about this was it’s something we’ve probably all heard of, participated in and done with our recruits. What was different was the position it was given and the exact wording of it.

I just went to my bookshelf and of the first eight books I picked up, seven of them mentioned it. (The eighth one was more of a motivational book than a book on network marketing.)

What Some Of My Other Mentors Say

A book that I just finished reading put me in the prospect’s shoes and he put this at number three. Most of the seven books I mentioned above put it near the end of the book.

Most of the companies that I’ve observed or participated in personally at least give lip service to it.

So What Is It Already?

After all that buildup, after I tell you you’re probably going to think “that’s it?”

The top reason found for all that failure was training; effective training. Training that gets you the basics of what you need to do quickly and efficiently and gives you a step by step plan of how to do the business with no wasted effort and makes sure that you understand exactly why you’re doing each step.

With new recruits, it’s essential that you help them get some initial success quickly or they’re going to be gone just as quickly.

Why do you think that almost every book on or about network marketing mentions training and encourages you or even implores you to read books, listen to training videos, listen to training audios? Could it be that no one has come up with a simple, workable system that anyone can use and get started with?  Remember that 85% or higher failure or attrition rate?

There are a remarkably few skills that you need to learn to succeed at network marketing, but very few people come into network marketing already knowing them.

What To Do?

You could go hide in a cave or bury your head in the sand, but that won’t bring you the success you want, desire and long for. If you’re here, you’re either already involved with network marketing, are considering getting involved in network marketing or are looking for a better company to work with. (Or maybe you’re a personal friend who likes my writing, that might be possible too…)

If you’re new to the industry and are considering becoming a network marketer, I highly recommend that you go watch the video Brilliant Compensation. This video gives you a fascinating look at why network marketing is such a brilliant home business.

If you’ve decided to become a network marketer and aren’t sure what company  to work with, or are overwhelmed with the choices, or don’t know how to evaluate the differences between different business opportunities, go to and sign up for the “7 Days, 7 Insider Secrets” email newsletter. This will give you some great free tips on how to choose a company to work with.

If you’re already with a company and looking for training, there are so many sources of training that it becomes tedious to sort out the good from the bad. In a future post, I’m going to cover some of what I think are the best.

For now, I’m going to sign off. Till next time, make it a great week!


Sometimes I notice funny email subject lines, I thought this one was great! I received it from Toshiba yesterday.

“Weekend Special: Free Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades – Starting at $399”

How much would it be if they weren’t free?