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Support A Legacy | September 4, 2012

This is not on the subject of marketing or sales, but instead is my contribution to preserving the legacy of a phenomenal pianist.

I have had the privilege of hearing Mario Feninger play many times in the last 15 years since I relocated to Los Angeles. He is truly amazing and one of a kind. I would be honored if you would read the following and find some way to contribute. If not, please pass it along to someone you know who is a fan of virtuoso classical piano.



P.S. – you can hear some of his playing by clicking on the link at the end!


Dear Friends of Mario,

There have been many great artists throughout history.

If they worked in stone, their art very likely survives to the present. Great paintings remain as wall frescoes or on canvas for us to appreciate.

But there are no performance recordings — much less film or videos — of Lizst, Chopin and other greats from music’s past.  What we have are interpretations of their works by later great pianists, with Mario Feninger being an extraordinary example.

Mario Feninger at Capital Records
Photo by Michael Duff

Mario has been performing and studying music since he was 6. He is now 90 years of age and playing better than ever!

Mario is a foremost interpreter of Chopin, Lizst and other great pianists and composers. And now we have a golden opportunity to professionally capture–on video–not only Mario’s performances of these classics, but also his unique insights and understandings about the music, the composers and the historical settings in which they wrote and performed.

The principal reason we have the many wonderful artworks that have survived–from the Renaissance, for example–is because of benefactors and Patrons of the Arts. Without them, our artistic heritage would be practically non-existent, primitive at best; the occasional cave painting or traveling minstrel.

Mario Feninger in Concert
Photo by Huguette Leduc

And we will be remembered and thanked for having the foresight to bequeath this comprehensive video library of Mario Feninger’s work and brilliant insights, as a priceless musical legacy to future generations.

Please click here for details on how you can help make this possible.


Tom Solari
for Mario

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