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How The Recession Is Causing A Tsunami In Working From Home | September 13, 2010

Fallout From The Recession

Before the recession came along, earning extra income from home was something that was often used for extras or non-essentials or was optional because the primary incomes of the household were enough to cover the essentials.

With the recession, and the layoffs, cutbacks and downsizing accompanying it, extra income from a home business or working from home often means the difference between getting by and going without in one or more areas.

Working from home or running your own home based business could be the best way to keep your family afloat during tough times; taking a second job may not be much of an option when first jobs are so hard to come by.

Why Work From Home

You may be one of those who can change their workplace without changing your employer. In a poll of more than 3,500 employees in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK, the average commute time was 70 minutes per day. That would be a significant time savings if the type of work you do can be done partially or completely from home.

Asked how they use the time saved by not commuting, the largest proportion (56 per cent) said they spent time with their family; followed by 45 per cent who just ‘relax’; and 42 per cent who do tasks or attend appointments they otherwise wouldn’t have time for.

In the U.S. the nationwide average drive-time is 24.3 minutes, which means that Americans now spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Even if your first job can’t be done from home, extra income is still the biggest reason for working from home, and may provide savings in other areas.

Working from home, you minimize or eliminate travel time and expenses such as fuel and wear & tear on the car getting to and from the 2nd job.

Working from home, you minimize your time away from the family, or possibly even increase your family time.

When you work from home, you don’t have to dress for work, saving money on clothing.

The option is there of not having to pay for childcare since you are at home.

Since you’re at home, you don’t have to buy lunch, coffee, and snacks from the vending machine.

How To Work From Home

Whole books could be and have been written about how to pick a home-based business or a work-from-home job.

If you’ve never considered network marketing as a business before, I urge you to watch Tim Sales’ video called Brilliant Compensation where he outlines the beauty of this method of business.

I also recommend that you sign up for the “7 Days, 7 Insider Secrets” email newsletter at, for some important pointers for any type of business.

It’s All In How You Look At It

Many years ago two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential.

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here – nobody wears shoes.”



  1. I love working from my iphone i.e. technically at home. It saves me time and money and now I’m totally mobile I can work from friends houses, coffee shops and even in the car (when desperate!) The downside is that I’m always available or people perceive that I should be as I’m mobile right? NO! I have hours too and a family and a life….. Don’t fall into that trap. Set your hours and insist on a normal working week.
    Good post! Thanks

    Comment by Jane van Velsen - The Right Writer — September 13, 2010 @ 9:34 am

    • Hi Jane,

      I love the way you said that, technically at home. If you’re going to have a mobile office, set that schedule and keep it.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Comment by tweamster — September 13, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

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