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Don’t Trash Network Marketing | August 30, 2010

I Seldom Get Upset…

But, one of those rare occasions when I do happened the other day. I was reading some blogs and commenting on them like I try to do once in awhile. I started reading a blog post titled “Residual Income,” always a favorite of mine given that that is one of my primary attractions to network marketing. Think of it like real estate. Once your network reaches a certain size, that network becomes an asset that continues to generate income whether you work or not. (For my take on residual income, see here.)

So I start reading this blog post called “Residual Income” and this individual starts trashing network marketing in order to build up his solution to residual income, which, by the way, was and is a valid solution, but did not require bashing network marketing to make his solution look good. It would be kind of like Ford trashing GM to sell more cars rather than pointing out the features and benefits of owning a Ford.

Anyway, it annoyed me enough that I decided to write about it.

What Do Others Say?

“While seeking rewarding methods for my Network Marketing career, I will employ techniques and strategies that reflect positively on the MLM industry, my company and me.”  – from the Code of Ethics of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA)

When considering purchases, I will attempt to purchase at retail from another MLM/Network Marketing company.  – from the same source

Member companies shall not make misleading comparisons of another company’s direct selling opportunity, products or services. Any comparison must be based on facts that can be objectively substantiated. Member companies shall not denigrate any other member company, business, product or service – directly or by implication – in a false or misleading manner and shall not take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of any company, business, product or service.  – from the Code of Ethics of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

In his book “Big League Sales Closing Techniques,” ©1971 (out of print, unfortunately) Les Dane says of the technique of running down the competition to promote your own company or product, “The second salesman got the sale for two reasons: he didn’t try to convince the prospect the competition was junk; didn’t spend his time knocking the other dealer.

“And, he did spend the time selling his product, with facts, and with sensible arguments. … The salesman selling tractors did the same thing. Rather than concentrate on pulling his competitor down, he sold his product and his dealership, being fair to the competition in the process.”

A Bad Taste In My Mouth

Even though he had a valid idea, finding or creating a product to market and sell on one’s own website using all the available channels to attract people to one’s website, after he belittled the entire network marketing industry, I had no further interest in what he said. I did read it, to ensure I didn’t incorrectly duplicate his intention, but, alas, he was just bashing network marketing to build up what he was selling. So, I left a comment, in civil terms, explaining that he should not do that, and that he would get better results if he pushed the features and benefits of his system.


Remember the old Avis car rental commercials back in the 70s? They used their number 2 position in car rental to position themselves as “we try harder.” They didn’t belittle Hertz (# 1) or say their cars sucked or that Hertz has crappy service, just that one memorable little line, “we try harder.”

Miller Lite, “less filling, tastes great.” No mention or knocking of Bud or Coors or any other beer.

Have you seen any Coke or Pepsi commercials lately? Do you ever see them mention the other one in their commercials? Don’t think so. They sell you on why you should drink their beverage.

So What Am I Saying?

If you work with Mellaleuca, don’t knock Shaklee products, don’t knock Shaklee’s compensation plan, don’t call Shaklee distributors ethically shaky.

If you work with HerbaLife, don’t denigrate Amway.

If you work with NuSkin, don’t put down ReLiv.

If you are selling your company, your products, your compensation plan; sell them. Don’t try to make them look better by making someone else look bad, you only end up making yourself look bad.

We’re all in this together, so let’s act like we are and be supportive of each other.

And if you need something that is sold by another MLM, please do so.

More Data

If you’re considering joining the network marketing industry and haven’t made up your mind yet, check out the video by Tim Sales called Brilliant Compensation.

If you don’t have a company yet, or you’re looking for a better one, check out and sign up for the (free) “7 Days, 7 Insider Secrets” email newsletter.

If you already have a company, and need tips and how to’s on marketing, check out John Eberhard’s RealWebMarketing Blog

Here’s a couple blogs that I like that are specifically on network marketing:

Till next time, make it a great week!


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  1. I agree! You know there are a lot of pros and cons in every industry. Network Marketing and building a residual income is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. It’s a job, that you need to be willing to become a professional in as you would any other job!

    Comment by Heather Nelson — August 31, 2010 @ 3:13 pm

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